Case Study: Client Gained 4 Times More Traffic in One Month by Adding a Blog

Huge Website Traffic Increases Because of Blogging for Business and Following Best Practices

Organically Growing Your Online TrafficI’ve written about this before: You should be blogging for your business. Recently, we’ve completed a case study showing exactly what happens when you start a blog for your business. A client of ours achieved a 400% lift in web traffic after a single month by simply adding a blog to their website and following a few best practices for blogging.

Not only did they start getting more website visitors, but their conversion rate increased as well. Meaning that they saw more people express interest in the business and attempt to contact them. Now THAT actually affects the bottom-line.

Before and After – By the Numbers

Here’s a screenshot of their analytics for the month prior to launching the blog:

1 Month Website Traffic Graph Before Adding Blog

1 Month Website Traffic Statistics Before Adding BlogThe above graph probably isn’t that easy to see… So to summarize: Aside from one traffic spike, they were only getting one or two visits a day. Ouch.

The image on the left shows the numbers in more detail. Yes, they are low. But everyone starts somewhere. You can see why they would want more traffic though!

Now let’s take a look at the month after they added a blog:

 1 Month Website Traffic Graph After Adding Blog

1 Month Website Traffic Stats After Adding BlogNow that’s a bit better! You can see a much healthier website traffic graph. And you’ll see that they got 252 Visits in the next month. Let me remind you that this is one month immediately after adding the blog. It takes time to build a blogs popularity and grow its readership.

In fact, now, only another month later, their traffic continues to grow and is approaching 400 Visits a month.

All because of a simple blog. If these numbers still seem small to you, then you’re missing the point.

 How’d They Do It? The Best Practices They Followed to Achieve the Traffic Increase

Here are 3 simple rules that they followed to get these results:

1. Consistency. They blogged regularly and consistently. There were no large gaps in time before releasing another blog article. They stuck to it and made the time for blogging at the same times every week.

2. It was interesting and educational. Their blog posts weren’t self-promoting. The information they posted was related to their field of work, applicable, engaging, and useful. It did not blatantly sell anything. It was just good old fashioned helpful information written in a conversational tone. Here’s the great part about it though: Sales DID increase BECAUSE of the extra traffic. Conversion rates increased substantially once the blog came online.

3. Made an effort to share the articles on several social media platforms. A big part of their rapid web traffic growth is because they would share their blog articles on social media. Twitter and Linkedin were particularly good for this. Again, they weren’t approaching it from a self-serving perspective. Rather, it was just helpful, interesting, relevant, and useful information. Social Media truly gave them a vehicle to promote their blog articles to the people who would care. What they avoided was sharing it to people who would not find it relevant.

Web Traffic Continues to Grow

The business owner is pretty happy with their results so far. It just keeps getting better too as their traffic seems to grow daily. We have to applaud them for their success. They really took the advice devEdge Internet Marketing gave them and put it into practice.

How about you? Do you have a success or horror story to share about your own blog? We’d love to hear them!

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