Great Service Based on Open, Honest, and Transparent Communication

Here at devEdge Internet Marketing we believe the foundation of a successful company is in its philosophy. That’s why we hold closely to our core principles, both in how we interact with our clients and the culture we keep in our own workplace.

Here’s our 5 core principles and what you can expect when dealing with devEdge Internet Marketing:

1. Respect. This might sound like a given but it is really important to us. We hold you and the people we work with in high regard. To us, respect means treating people with decency, kindness, and a desire to see people grow. Respect forms the basis of all our other principles.

2. Open, Honest, and Transparent. People who work with us have to share some sensitive information about their business. devEdge Internet Marketing knows that this requires a level of trust in us. Which is why we feel that you deserve a level of openness and honesty in return. We will never hide information from you, always tell the truth (even if it’s not favourable to us), and arm you with the best knowledge we can offer. Anything you do share with us about your business will be kept confidential. Not only that, but we are an analytical, scientific, and factually based company. We conduct measurable experiments and testing to ensure that you are getting the best results possible.

3. Charitable Giving. We work hard to earn a living, and you probably do too. We find it rewarding to help our fellow-man in the ways that we can. We give of our time and resources to those in need. Both in our community and throughout the world. devEdge Internet Marketing proudly sponsors several work-related projects and other charities around the globe. Our community has given much to us, and it’s only right to return the favour.

4. Great Customer Service. When you deal with us, you won’t be dealing with a large corporation, outsourced support, or someone who isn’t passionate about their job. All of our clients get a real contact person: someone that knows your account and happily works with you. Marketing your business is a team effort which is why we value our professional relationships.

5. Using Legitimate and Legal Internet Marketing Tactics. Nobody we’ve talked to likes spam. Neither do any of our clients want their reputation smeared because of an annoying Internet marketing tactic. That’s why we pride ourselves on knowing the best long-term, legitimate, and legal Internet marketing tactics available today. In fact, we’ve been asked to help out with projects associated with “less acceptable practices” and have turned them all down. Our reputation is one of integrity and commitment. So if you’re looking for someone to do something sleazy we aren’t your agency.

A Brief History

devEdge Internet Marketing was founded in September 2011 by Kevin Clark. Our head office is located in the Westshore region of Victoria, BC, Canada. We are focused on growing businesses through online marketing.

In the first month of operation, devEdge Internet Marketing was nominated and chosen as a finalist in the WestShore Community Awards for Customer Service. Since then, we’ve been nominated and chosen as a finalist every year in categories such as business of the year and young entrepreneur.

Kevin Clark, the founder, has been developing websites since 1994. During that time, he’s seen the Internet move through many phases of evolution and has developed a keen eye on where it will go next. His background is largely technical, and he is competent to take on the most complicated of projects for you.