How to Respond to a Negative Online Review

5 Hater Handling Techniques

A Business Owner Getting a Bad Online ReviewIt finally happened. You received a negative review of your business online and it hurts. Your business is your livelihood and you have given your life to it, including your passion and your heart. Maybe it was just a “troll,” but more likely it was a genuinely dissatisfied customer. Now what do you do?

Let’s talk about some tried techniques to respond to these haters that will both develop goodwill and respond effectively to their review.

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More Companies Get an Edge

New Websites Launched for HCP, Bikram Yoga Westshore, and Thomcat Leasing

It’s amazing how fast time passes when you’re having fun! The devEdge Internet Marketing office has been quite busy the past few months. With our heads down, we forgot to announce some of the awesome websites we’ve launched recently. Yes, we do website design in Victoria, BC.

Horticulture Centre of the Pacific – HCP

This underrated Victoria, BC botanical gardens needed a website facelift. It seems Butchart Gardens gets all the tourism attention. Don’t forget about HCP though, they rival Butchart Gardens in the beauty and diversity of their demonstration gardens. Plus, HCP is as non-profit focused on conserving their local environment and educating future generations of gardeners.

What’s not to love?!

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What is Direct Inbound Marketing?

A Popular Hybrid Form of Internet Marketing that Effectively Increases Leads and Sales

Direct Inbound Marketing Methodology

This is part 3 of a 3 part series:

  1. What is Inbound Marketing?
  2. What is Direct Marketing?
  3. What is Direct Inbound Marketing?

This series focuses on introducing a hybrid form of Internet marketing called Direct Inbound Marketing.

I’m coining a new term: Direct Inbound Marketing. Why? Because it communicates a popular hybrid form of marketing quickly and succinctly.

Direct Inbound Marketing is the combination of Inbound Marketing with Direct Response Marketing. Inbound Marketing creates long term and sustainable lead generation by attracting potential clients to your online presence. While Direct Response Marketing allows for quick lead generation and outbound engagement of your entire potential market. Direct Inbound Marketing is typically practiced online, although, it is not limited to online only.

Inbound Marketing and Direct Marketing go together almost perfectly. They compliment each other in the weak areas and support each other in their strengths. Like any good marriage! [Read more…]

What is Direct Marketing?

Get Great Results by Taking Your Offer to the Right Prospects

Business Reply Mail

This is part 2 of a 3 part series:

  1. What is Inbound Marketing?
  2. What is Direct Marketing?
  3. What is Direct Inbound Marketing?

This series focuses on introducing a hybrid form of Internet marketing called Direct Inbound Marketing.

Direct Marketing refers to a type of marketing where you approach an individual prospect or group of prospects (demographic) with an offer. This can be to buy a product, redeem a coupon, sign up for a newsletter, download an eBook, enter a contest, or “like” a social media page. Often the prospect is encouraged to act immediately. Such marketing is sometimes characterised by the buyer dealing directly with the seller (as opposed to buying through a retailer, affiliate or other third party). Direct Marketing can use a variety of media, including television, direct mail, radio and the Internet.

Direct Response Marketing is a sub-type of Direct Marketing where you ask the prospect to take action right within the ad or offer. For example, a direct response could be completing a website form, pasting a sticker on a mail-out and returning it, or telephoning the number in the ad. Direct Response Marketing is by far the most effective, in terms of ROI, form of Direct Marketing.

At its core, it’s about your company reaching out to a prospect with a tantalizing offer. [Read more…]

What is Inbound Marketing?

A Proven Method of Attracting Visitors to your Website and Converting them into Potential Clients

Inbound Marketing Methodology in Steps

Graphic provided by Hubspot


This is part 1 of a 3 part series:

  1. What is Inbound Marketing?
  2. What is Direct Marketing?
  3. What is Direct Inbound Marketing?

This series focuses on introducing a hybrid form of Internet marketing called Direct Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing is a very popular online marketing method of attracting vistors to your business with valuable content. It involves creating a piece of content such as a web page, blog article, eBook, slideshow, infographic, video, or anything really. Then sharing this valuable content freely with the world.

The idea is to attract people to your business and establish authority in your realm of expertise. Typically, these people come through channels like search engines and social media. Meaning, customers find you – you don’t find customers.

Once you’ve drawn people to your content, then you would focus on converting visitors into sales leads, turning leads into customers, and customers into evangelists. Essentially, building a list of qualified prospects and clients. [Read more…]

What is Internet Marketing? Internet Marketing 101

An Introduction to Internet Marketing Practices and Techniques

A Business Owner Trying to Figure Out Internet MarketingIn 2012, Internet World Stats reported that there were 245,203,319 Internet users in the United States alone. That’s a massive audience businesses can reach through Internet marketing. Internet marketing connects with customers and generates sales. It works. Like traditional marketing, you will find that many forms of Internet marketing exists, but not all of them are right for your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the application and utilization of specific techniques to increase a website or webpage’s ranking in search engine results. Most Internet users navigate the Internet by utilizing search engines. Common search engines include Google, Bing, and Yahoo. [Read more…]

Storytelling Benefits in Your Marketing

Connect to Your Prospective Clients through Your Story

Childrens Story BooksStorytelling is one of the most powerful methods of connecting to your clients without overtly selling to them. A good story can not only sell your products and services, but make your customer feel like they are doing a greater good.

Take fair trade products for example. You could tell a story of a poor farmer forced into selling their crops at inhumane prices. Then how your company found this hard-working farmer and finally paid them a fair wage. Not only that, but you might even be providing modern equipment and training on healthy farming.

A good story includes conflict and resolution. It connects your business with your customers in a primal way that humans have been using since the dawn of time.

And you have a story. Maybe you don’t even realize it yet – everyone has a story though. Nobody gets to owning a successful business without some conflict and struggle. It’s just a matter of communicating that story in a way that makes it relate with your audience. [Read more…]

Simple Sale Versus Complex Sale

Marketing Strategies for the Type of Sale You’re Trying to Make – Simple vs. Complex

Cheesy Salesman Making a Simple SaleIn broad terms, there’s essentially 2 different types of sales: Simple and Complex.

Simple Sale – These types of sales are often low risk, routine, widely available, and commodity items. Things that involve a fairly short sales cycle to attain; quick purchases. Some examples of a simple sale are: groceries, hygiene products, restaurant food, and essentially anything you could get at Walmart.

Complex Sale – These types of sales involve multiple steps to purchase and multiple stakeholders in the transaction. Products and services that involve a long sales cycle and extra information is required for delivery. Often these sales are riskier (for the buyer) because they come with a higher price tag. Some examples of a complex sale are: website design, manufacturing machinery, real estate, and anything that requires a level of customization.

Of course, that’s over-simplifying a little bit. Your actual sales may land somewhere in the range between simple and complex. However, no matter which way your sales lean, there are certain marketing strategies you will want to avoid and others you’ll want to use. [Read more…]