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devEdge Internet Marketing is a direct inbound marketing agency that generates online growth for small to mid sized companies. Our ethical Internet marketing techniques build up your online equity and create revenue. We use a proven process of CREATE, DRIVE, CONVERT, and NURTURE to increase your customer numbers and loyalty.

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Direct Inbound Marketing is the powerful combination of inbound marketing with direct response marketing. Two marketing techniques that are highly proven to produce a positive return on investment.

devEdge Internet Marketing weaves these 2 very effective marketing techniques together for your benefit. You will get a strategy that attracts qualified clients to your business and seek-out targeted demographics. In fact, 93% of companies that practice this method see web traffic and lead improvements.

Imagine a team of experienced Internet marketers that work for you to drive company growth and bring you new profit. That's what we want to do for you.

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“devEdge Internet Marketing does excellent work from concept to final output! They consistently do what they say they will do. Their staff has great integrity and I highly trust this proven character and hard work ethic. They show deep and detailed knowledge over and over again. You should hire devEdge Internet Marketing as well, it will be a choice you'll be happy you made!”

Shane Johnson | Royal Oak Dental Clinic

“They have the perfect mix of taking our needs and providing their own opinion on what might work better. devEdge Internet Marketing is an asset to any team looking for digital service, support and marketing expertise.”

Dan Spinner | WestShore Chamber of Commerce

“I came to devEdge Internet Marketing with a pretty unique and demanding set of requirements, all of which were met with flying colours. I am already starting to see results!”

Manuel Del Dago | Investors Group

“I nominate devEdge Internet Marketing, as business of the year, as they have done an outstanding job servicing my account. I rely on my service providers for their expertise and I can count on devEdge.”

Andrew Peebles | Peak Business Solutions Ltd.

“I would definitely recommend devEdge Internet Marketing Services to anyone who asked. They are easy to work with, fast, organized and creative. I believe that devEdge Internet Marketing services are an excellent resource and I would not think of going anywhere else.”

Connie Nimmon | Victoria Acupuncture

More Traffic. More Leads. More Sales.

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